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The Beckoning Fair One

An upsetting tale of the occult from turn-of-last-century London.

Story by Oliver Onions. Narrated by Bill Meyer.
Music and backgrounds by Berington Van Campen.

Dirk Splev, Cosmic Wanderer

A bizarre sci-fi adventure.

Starring Indira, Peter Cullen, Bill Meyer.
Story and Earth Lady lyric by Hugh McKay.
Music by, produced and recorded by Bill Meyer.


A vampire musical.

Music and Story by Bill Meyer.
Starring Rhonda Copeland, Michael Connell, Tony Pretzello, Catherine Kellison, Bill Meyer.
Synth stylings by Douglas Momary.


Almost music.

By Bill Meyer.

Children of Mung

Enter the grotto of Gorn.

By Bill Meyer.
Inspired by Robert A. Prior.